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2024 Nominations

Welcome to the BBBAwards Nominations page.

We are thrilled to announce that nominations for the BBBAwards are officially open.

Join us in celebrating and honouring outstanding achievements within the Black community. It’s your chance to shine a spotlight on the incredible talents that contribute to the richness of our culture.

Nominate now and let’s showcase the brilliance, resilience, and creativity that define the unique contributions of the Black community. Find out more on how to nominate below.


The Black British Business Awards celebrates exceptional Black business professionals and entrepreneurs who are stand-out achievers, who have achieved significant and demonstrable success in their chosen fields, and who are making an impact on and through their business.

Entrants can either nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else. Candidates are nominated as a Rising Star or Senior Leader within one of the six Awards categories.

Parent Categories

Main Categories

The examples provided for each category are not exhaustive. If you are nominating yourself or someone else, select the category that is the best fit.

How to Nominate?

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